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Woom Neebows Elbow Pad Set-WeeBikeShop
Woom Neebows Elbow Pad Set

Woom Neebows Elbow Pad Set

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NEEBOWS Elbow Pad Set

Let’s face it, kids fall off their bikes sometimes, especially when they’re learning or trying something new. The NEEBOWS Elbow Pad Set not only help you keep your kiddo safer but also boosts your Rider's confidence. They protect little elbows without compromising range of motion. These pads are soft and flexible, but they compress upon impact to cushion the fall

Universal design

Does this pad go on the left or right? It doesn't make a difference!


(70% polyester, 10% spandex, 20% nylon) is ultralight, stretchy and flexible.

Anti-slip inserts

The silicone strips on the top and bottom cuffs

Crash pads

Robust surface


These pads are designed exclusively for children and are only suitable for everyday cycling and roller sports. 


- The crucial factor in determining the right size is your child's weight.

- Start by measuring the circumference of the upper arm, taken four finger-widths above a slightly bent elbow with a relaxed biceps.

- Compare the measurement with the upper arm circumference ranges in the table below.

- If your child exceeds the maximum weight for the size indicated, select the next size up. For example, if your child's upper arm circumference is 20 cm, you should select size M. But if your child weighs 28 kg, you should definitely size up to an L.

- Note: NEEBOWS are intended to contact the skin and not be worn over clothing.

Size S M L
Weight < 25 kg < 25 kg 25 – 50 kg
Arm circumference 18 – 19 cm 20 – 21 cm 21 – 22 cm
Protection class A A B