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Out of the box, the woom 2 comes with a coaster brake as well as two hand brakes. This optional conversion kit replaces your rear coaster hub with a freewheel hub.

Please note that a tire and tube are NOT included.

This kit is only compatible with woom 2 bikes produced after February 2021.Why is the woom 2 the only model that comes with a coaster hub?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission dictates that all bikes with a seat height 25” or less come with a coaster hub, however consumers do have the option to convert to a freewheel.

The primary benefit of this modification is to allow for backpedaling without braking, and to provide a smoother drivetrain with less friction.

As a service to our customers, woom exclusively offers this freewheel “at cost” for just $19.

We recommend getting the freewheel installed by a professional bike shop or certified mechanic. However, with a few tools and handiwork, the task can be completed at home. For reference, a tutorial video can be found here.

Unsure if the FREEWHEEL KIT is compatible with your woom 2 bike?

Check out this FAQ on woom 2 identification