Replacement Yedoo brand balance bike hand grips (22.2mm)
Replacement Yedoo brand balance bike hand grips (22.2mm)

Yedoo TOOTOO Hand Grips (fit most Balance Bikes)

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The Yedoo hand grips are arguably the finest, most durable kids model on the market. Many others often what through at the ends from laying the bike down repeatedly, but these grips are extra tough at the ends and will last a lot longer.

Offered in one color with slick Yedoo logo inscription. 

Will fit any bike with a 22.2mm diameter handlebar. Sold in pairs.

Installation: We recommend removing old hand grips by carefully cutting them off with a razor knife or box cutter.

New grips can be a bit firm and tight-fitting. It's best to install them with compressed air, but most folks use a combination of warming up the grips (immerse them in hot water for a few minutes), and a little bit of soapy water (applied inside) to get them to slip onto the bars. A few strikes with a rubber mallet is a good way to get the grips installed 100% onto the handlebars. If soapy water is used, allow 24-48 hours for the fluid to dissipate.